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This NEW GAME-CHANGING BOOK Reveals Keys On How To...

"Fund Your God-Designed Purpose"

"This book is so inspiring! 

It shares the journeys of a diverse range of ordinary people, who journeyed out of poverty and poverty mindsets, into thriving Kingdom entrepreneurs

This book proves that anything is possible when we know that the heart of our Father is for each of us to have limitless hopes and dreams, and to be empowered financially so that we are free to walk in the purposes for which we were created. 

It certainly brings hope, encouragement and motivation to its readers!"
"This book is one I will keep open on my desk and refer to often.

Full of Biblical wisdom and inspiring testimonies, it’s the permission slip I needed to pursue the dreams God has placed within me...

Knowing that where He guides, He will provide!"

DEbbie Spellman
"Wow!! Phillip and Sophia Latter have written a gem of a book, Wealth with Purpose. 

 It’s easy to read, contains life changing content and connects the reader with resources to move forward in a variety of entrepreneurial ways - introducing the reader to several Kingdom leaders. 

If you’re looking to discover your God given purpose, which includes wealth, and need encouragement and practical help, this book is a great place to start!"
Diotay Baker
With the world experiencing massive outpourings in places like Ashbury, Kentucky and more... 

God is releasing Kingdom blueprints that empower believers to facilitate reformation out of personal revival, in their daily business dealings.

"Wealth With Purpose" is about taking the outpouring of God’s presence, and making it real in bringing “on Earth, as it is in Heaven” in the unique spheres of influence you were born to!
  • ​Unlock Your Potential To Become An Extravagant Wealth Generator... So You Can Most Effectively Partner With Heaven To Bring Your God-birthed Visions To Reality!
  • Discover Proven Strategies To Create Scalable Business Income, and Multiply Your Money
  • Cultivate The Right Mindsets and Develop the Necessary Skillsets You Need To Accomplish Your Sacred Financial Assignment
  • Prosper And Be In Health, Just As Your Soul Prospers - Through Understanding Your Unique Divine Design!
  • Bring Heaven to Earth by Applying Powerful Kingdom Principles To Your Finances
  • Live In Alignment With Your Unique God-designed Purpose and Radiate His Glory In Every Aspect Of Your Life!

With inspiring stories and insights from some of the top Kingdom leaders in the world, you'll embark on a life-changing journey towards living the abundant life Jesus paid the price for you to.

Don't settle for a life without purpose and fulfillment, but rather go "all in" on developing the appropriate mindsets and skill sets you need to accomplish to build wealth and make a difference, in a way where everyone wins!

Are you ready to become a glorious and unstoppable force for the Kingdom, displaying the glory of God to the nations? 

Your journey starts here!

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To your success and unique God-designed purpose fulfilled,

Phillip & Sophia Latter are CEOs of Wealth With Purpose Consulting, and bestselling authors of “The Purpose Mapping System”. They operate as dynamic business strategists and speakers, whose expertise is in helping passionate Kingdom leaders achieve next-level clarity and profitability in their lives and businesses. 

Phillip & Sophia are dedicated to assisting their clients in easily turning their writing aspirations into bestselling realities, and leveraging that success to amplify their Kingdom impact on the world! They believe that each individual is destined to leave a lasting legacy of lives transformed and dreams fulfilled, and are committed to helping those they work with achieve that goal.




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